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Who is Captain Doug Chamberlain

Doug Chamberlain, the grandson of homesteaders in eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska, grew up with the "country values" instilled in him in the rural environment of a very small community. Even though there were only 10 students in his high school graduating class, several of his classmates pursued careers, public service, and military service that took them to various locations around the world.

His rural values and the foundational reinforcement of those values at the University of Wyoming and John Brown University proved to be tested in their entirety when he became a Marine Infantry Officer in the Viet Nam War.

His life changing experiences in that war proved to haunt him during his search to solve a mystery that spanned 50 years...and Bury Him details the sordid facts and the horrible truth that had eluded him.

Learn more by watching this video below, posted by Congresswoman Liz Cheney - A Tribute to Wyoming’s Veterans: Doug Chamberlain

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05 mar 2020

Book Review - I read Doug's book, "Bury Him". Until reading his book, I never really understood the "Hell" that Doug and other young men like him had to endure, and the raw courage they required to survive during their tours of jungle combat warfare in Vietnam. I'm one of Doug's high school classmates and friend, he never talked about his war time experiences. When you read this book, you will be shocked to know why. It didn't end when they came home. They have had to endure the life long effects that this experience has had on their lives, still today. I had to discipline myself to stay on the page I was reading. I was so captured …

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